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Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate the new chapter in the life of your family through the making of promises to your child. These promises are a commitment to love, respect, and support your child as he or she grows, and to help them pursue their dreams and goals in life. 

Whether you have recently had a baby, adopted a child, or are forming a new step-family, this milestone deserves to be celebrated. 

My ceremonies are unique, and written personally for you. This means that you have the freedom to choose the content. Perhaps you had your heart set on a Christening but your partner is Athiest? We can incorporate your beliefs into the ceremony in the form of prayers, readings, blessings, even Hymns if you'd like.

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Readings and rituals such as the planting of a tree, the giving of a gift to the child, lighting a family candle, are all possible aspects of a naming ceremony and I can help you select what is right for you.

One misconception about naming ceremonies is that they must be held in a licensed venue. This is incorrect. A naming ceremony can be held anywhere as it has no legal basis. This means that you have the freedom to choose where you would like to hold your celebration. Whether it is your garden or the local zoo, I can accommodate your wishes. (Though please ask your local zoo for permission beforehand!)

Naming Ceremonies are beautiful celebrations, and are my favourite type of ceremony. I would be honoured to be involved in your special day.

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